People tend to say that sopranos are leaving Broadway and belting is taking over. As a soprano, do you have any thoughts on this?

The thing is everybody is born with a certain voice and you can develop it and train it, it’s like being born with blue eyes, you’ll always have blue eyes. If you’re a soprano that’s who you are and it’s not to say that you can’t develop other parts of your range but you should not force your voice to go someplace else it doesn’t want to go. I don’t worry too much about what roles are available or not available, I just have to make my voice as beautiful and as resilient as it can be and maintain it. That’s my job, it’s not my job to figure out why aren’t there more soprano roles. I actually think these things tend to go in cycles and trends. I think that this kind of really beautiful singing is coming back, I mean look at Gentleman’s Guide, that’s all lyrical voices across the board. I think that women need to sing the way they sing and not be afraid. Most women are sopranos, there are very few mezzos and belting is sort of a hybrid. Belting is not a sound we naturally make, you have to be highly skilled to do well in it and a lot of people who shouldn’t be belting are and it’s such a strain on the voice.

Victoria Clark in interview with Jose Solis

Amen sister, a-freaking-men. (via ratherbrilliant)